RedGreen Rivers

RGR works directly with artisan makers, most of whom are women and girls, from the Mekong Region in Southeast Asia. Their products are not mass produced because they focus on quality, authenticity and the prosperity of the artisans. RGR believes that artistic talent born from traditional indigenous designs can create sustainable communities while preserving indigenous knowledge and practices. At the same time, RGR wanted to shift the perception away from these products and practices as being antiquated and “belonging in a museum”.

We helped create the RGR brand identity as a way to bridge traditional art with modern art. The RGR logo is inspired by traditional HMong artistry and craftsmanship, evoking the shapes of HMong jewelry and the designs of HMong batik textile patterns, presented in a clean geometric design that feels modern, stylish and chic.


RedGreen Rivers


September 9, 2022